Hi all,

I have a virtual network packet driver at host and endpoint. Endpoint is a PCIe device connected to host PCIe slot. Both host and target communicate through these virtual drivers. Host is running Ubuntu 10.04 linux and the target is running openwrt linux having 2.6.30 kernel.

The basic driver is working fine. But we changed the driver by modifying the skb data pointer pointing to our allocated memory pool and we have added the corresponding destructor function. We verified this code and this looks fine.

The problem is, ping is not working between host and endpoint. We observed that ARP packets are going through fine. We also observed that ping reply counter is incremented in netstat output, when we ping from endpoint to host, but there is no reply coming from host .

At this point we are blocked. We are not understanding the exact problem. Please help us to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance.