Hopefully this is an easy question to answer:

I'm doing some kernel work under Fedora, The base kernel is 2.6.35 ( kernel A ), I then patch that kernel with the web100 kernel patches from web100.org (kernel B ). This all works fine and the kernel is built and everything is happy. While I am running the system under the patched kernel I then build yet another kernel ( kernel C ). This is from a new source with a different set of patches. The kernel itself builds without a problem but it only builds 3 modules. Despair then ensues. If I reboot back into the base kernel (the stock kernel from Fedora) and then try to build the newly patched kernel all of the modules build correctly. Happy times!

Unfortunately, it seems to me that this is a problem and that kernel C should build properly under kernel B. Does anyone have any ideas as to why it isn't?