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    Unhappy Embedded System Switch from to 2.6.30+ No output at all

    Hello Guys,

    I hope I'm posting in the correct forum.
    I am working with a (specialized) embedded system (NEC VR4133A MIPS CPU)
    It is currently running U-Boot 1.3.2 + Linux-Kernel
    I am trying to get a kernel >=2.6.30 running on the box.

    I do have the source-code and config for the system running on there and i was able to build a running kernel from the sources.
    I was also able to port the drivers for the board to and successfully boot it.

    Now I'm trying to port the drivers to a kernel >=2.6.30.
    With some patching i managed to compile the kernel (actually I'm using for testing) but when i try to boot it through U-Boot, I do not get any (serial-)console output at all after u-boot passes execution to the kernel.
    I even put a printk in the very beginning of the setup.c for the board, still nothing.

    Right now I'm becoming really frustrated as I'm running out of ideas and I've got no clue how to debug the kernel without even getting any output at all.

    I am not even sure how to test if there's something wrong with the console-drivers or if the kernel doesn't boot at all.

    I am also wondering if this could be caused by a too old u-boot (even though i don't really get how this could cause a kernel not booting at all when it can successfully boot an older kernel).

    I hope someone can point me into the right direction.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Have you checked the compatibility of the very old version of u-boot to a current kernel-release? It's not unlikely that the init-sequence or the transfer of parameters from u-boot to linux has changed.
    It could be a good idea to use a current version of u-boot.

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    I hoped this was not the case, i don't really can/want to flash a new u-boot especially prior to testing, also u-boot does not have built-in support for the board I am using and sadly i do not have the source-code for the u-boot running on there.
    Maybe there still is a way to extract necessary data from the working u-boot?

    I already tried to build a newer u-boot and boot it through the u-boot (is this even possible?) running on the box, but when i start it in "RAM MODE" it just loads the original u-boot again and in "ROM MODE" it just hangs and no output again.

    Is there some list available on which u-boot version supports which kernels?

    Is there any way to boot a newer kernel without flashing a new u-boot?

    Thanks again,


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    For a first attempt:
    Try to get the 1.3.2 u-boot source (base, needn't to be specially for your board) and make a diff over the paramter-interface to linux with a current version of u-boot.

    Then you hopefully will see if this can work or not.

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    Any idea which of the files are responsible for passing the parameters and need to be compared?

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