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    inode_operations create not called


    I'm trying to write a little kernel module that takes care of a variation of the FAT file system.

    So far I have set up things accordingly: the fill_super function and a bunch of callback functions such as readdir and directory lookup and file read functions. All of these work ok. I can mount an image file and can look up the root dir and read files in it.
    However, when I try to make a new file in it, it seems like the create function in the inode_operations gets never called. It's the function that is supposed to take care of creating a new file. I acutally googled in search of someone with the same problem but all I got was stuff saying that the Linux kernel calls the create function in inode_operations when trying to create a new file.

    Simply put the lookup function in inode_opeations gets called OK but the create function has been ignored. So I have no idea what's happening.
    Anyone with experience with implementing your own file system, could you help me?

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    Just some random thoughts, how are you creating the new file? Is that using "creat" or "open" to create a new file.?

    As Rubberman,without code we can guess few things - but not exact answer.
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