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    Let me go straight to th point:

    I woke up today and switched on my monitor (I leave my computer on 24hs/day) and had nothing but a tty-like screen with something like this (the transcription my not be accurate......the computer was completely locked and there was nothing i could do besides pushing the reset button, so I copied most of it to a piece of paper and am copying it again in here):

    [<c011acff>] profile_tick+0x5f/0x70
    [<c0113c30>] do_page_fault+0x0/0x599
    [<c0104388>] common_interrupt+0x18/0x20
    [<c0113c30>] do_page_fault+0x0/0x599
    [<c0104bf3>] die+0x113/0x190
    [<c011964d>] vprintk+0x10d/0x170
    [<c0113c30>] do_page_fault+0x0/0x599
    [<c0119537>] printk+0x17/0x20
    [<c0113e5e>] do_page_fault+0x22e/0x599
    Unable to handle kernel paging request of virtual address 6ba68bd5
    printing eip:
    Recursive die() failure, output supressed
    <0> Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt

    I have recently compiled kernel 2.6.9 and am using ReiserFS so I think the all those things about "pages" are related to the Reiser paging system.

    My CPU (amd athlon 3000) is really hard to keep cool; I have already three cooler installed in my box and have removed the side of the box, but still, when I rebooted it after the lockdown the CPU temperate was 68.5C / 155F.

    I really think this is the reason of the kernel exception, but thought i should post just in case it is not.

    any thoughts??

    ricardo birmann

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    do_page_fault -- sounds like it's some page fault, ie something wnet wrong during paging. If it happens once-- well, nothing "**** happens" if it happens regulary it's probably some kernel bug.
    Also the pde (page directory entry, iirc) beeing zero (or is it the pointer to the pde?) supports the theory that it's a paging error, not much to do about it, under 'regular ' conditions this is a rather rare condition in linux (compared to "another OS").
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    thanks for the explanation scientica,

    I really think it happened due to overheating.... I recently tried to recompile my kernel and the compilation failed. I retried it a few times and got a fatal compilation error on a diffent function for each time....

    the problem seems to be that the cpu is not handling well the brazilian summer (wich has just started) .... I think I will have to buy a better cooler...

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    Not linux related... why did you remove the side of your box? Exposure to air isn't what keeps the case cool, it is movement of air carrying heat away from the processor. You should, if possible, have fans in the front sucking air in, and fans in the back moving the air out. Keeping the side completely open only heats the air around it, and doesn't give the processor the airflow needed to keep it cool.

    If you still have heat problems, there are a few good heatsink/fan combinations that you can get for like 20 dollars that remove heat from the processor *very* well.

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    Nothing to do with Linux, I'm just reminiscing/ranting:

    Back when I made the mistake of trying an AMD chip, I had two case fans, the cpu fan, the power supply / graphics card fans, the case open, the house at a cool temperature, and some heat sink compound spread over the CPU, and it still didn't stabalize the system enough to get past boot up.

    I heard from a family member who's well-versed in computer hardware that having the case open is as good as having fans installed in it. *shrug*

    I read elsewhere about a solution involving a dry bath in ice - using several ice packs, wrapping them in paper towels to avoid condensation, and placing it under the machine. Of course this was for a laptop, and wouldn't be practical for anything besides a one-time intense session such as a LAN party, but I thought it was a rather creative solution.
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    first of all, thanks for the replies, now....

    1- It is a linux related topic, once i didnt know what was causing the problem by the time i first posted.....

    2- PeasleeR, removing the side of the box DOES help.... inside a closed box, the heat source (cpu) will only make the air hotter and hotter. It wouldn't make a difference if the fans were doing their job and bringing in fresh air faster then the cpu could producing more hot air, but, of course, that is not my case

    Again, thaks for the advice,

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