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Thread: Init Sequence

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    Init Sequence

    Hi guys,

    I am understanding the linux start up sequence and stuck at the following:
    start_kernel() -> rest_init() -> kernel_init() -> do_basic_setup() -> do_initcalls()

    As per my understanding, we are initializing all the subsystems in do_initcalls():
    for (fn = __early_initcall_end; fn < __initcall_end; fn++)

    I could not find the definition of function pointers __early_initcall_end and __initcall_end.

    Please help me by stating where are these funciton pointer definitions.

    Thanks in advance!!


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    Search the kernel code tree?
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    I searched the symbols using Source Insight.. could not find.
    Only clue I got is in
    #define INITCALLS \
    *(.initcallearly.init) \
    VMLINUX_SYMBOL(__early_initcall_end) = .; \
    *(.initcall0.init) \
    *(.initcall0s.init) \
    *(.initcall1.init) \
    *(.initcall1s.init) \
    *(.initcall2.init) \
    *(.initcall2s.init) \
    *(.initcall3.init) \
    *(.initcall3s.init) \
    *(.initcall4.init) \
    *(.initcall4s.init) \
    *(.initcall5.init) \
    *(.initcall5s.init) \
    *(.initcallrootfs.init) \
    *(.initcall6.init) \
    *(.initcall6s.init) \
    *(.initcall7.init) \

    Later how it is mapping to all subsystem init calls is the doubt.

    From trace32 debugging, I could find that all subsystem init funciton pointers are in between __early_initcall_end and __initcall_end. Ex: bt_init(), bluetooth_power_init() etc.. etc...

    But I would like to know how it is implemented in the code.

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