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    Exclamation Updating Kernel & LILO Splash

    Hi everybody,

    I am newbie so IŽll asume I am in the right forum.

    I have a Linux Slackware distro with kernel It is embedded into a compact flash in order to start in console mode from a /dev/ram0 device, and LILO as the bootloader.

    In this version, LILO starts a bootsplash from a moment before booting the kernel until the prompt was supposed to be shown (when a 'main' application starts).

    Some days ago, I wanted to update the kernel image, so I downloaded the latest stable source files from -->

    I have built the compressed bzImage- in a Ubuntu SO, but I suppose it doesnŽt worry too much, as far as the complete system starts correcty, except for the fact that:

    -> LILO just shows the bitmap until the kernel is booted, not until the prompt is shown.

    This way, I can see the verbose shown by the INIT program and the rc.S script, which starts the machine.

    Today, I discovered that there exists two splashes ( / howto / splash):

    "Note that there are two different splash screens, one called bootsplash and one called consolesplash. bootsplash is displayed during the boot process, appearing once the kernel begins to load (after LILO), and until lasts until the Login: prompt. consolesplash, as you can guess, appears at the login prompt, and remains present on any virtual terminals."

    I wouldnŽt like to see the verbose of the initial scripts but the "consolesplash". Is this possible?

    What should I do? Thanks in advance,


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    Finally I achieved that by patching a 2.6.39 kernel including bootsplash capabilities --> google manualinux

    Afterwards, I had to use the splash utility given in vectorlinux: google vectorlinux bootsplash-3.2.9-i586-1vl60.tlz
    in order to assign a jpeg image to my initrd.

    In the config gile needed to assign the image, I used a foreground color equal than my splash image background so that the INIT traces where hidden.
    I can give more indications if you need.

    Thanks again.

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