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    Wink Kernel Compiling in Details

    i need a description of each step of compiling a linux kernel,for example what changes happen after issuing make modules_install, where can i find these details?

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    Hello and Welcome!

    A quick Google search yields these results: compiling Linux kernel

    I'm assuming that this is not a homework question, correct? Those are expressly against Forum Rules.

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    i know how to search in google jayd512,but the results are not in depth,they just say type make then make module blah blah.
    i can compile the kernel with just typing a sequence of "make this make that make ****" but i want to know what happens behind the scenes,what new files are created and where,and it is not a homework.

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    When you do a 'make', the kernel and modules are built in the source directory, unless you specified O=/some/other/dir, in which case they're built there.

    When you do a 'make modules_install install', the modules get installed to /lib/modules/<KERNEL_VERSION> and the kernel gets copied to /boot/vmlinuz-<KERNEL_VERSION>. If you built an initrd it will get copied to /boot/initramfs-<KERNEL_VERSION>.img or /boot/initrd-<KERNEL_VERSION>.img, depending on your kernel version. The grub config file (/etc/grub.conf, /boot/grub/menu.lst, etc.) is also modified to include this new kernel entry. And 'depmod -a' is called, I think, to update the modules auto-loader config file in /lib/modules/<KERNEL_VERSION>/modules.dep file.

    Is this what you mean?
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    Yes, thanks alot atreyu,one more question,where did you find this information?!

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    Some from the kernel source documentation...

    some from the Makefile itself...

    and some from other online searching for answers to the same question.

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