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    kernel compiling to different arch?

    I am wondering I have the linux source code linux version 3.0
    I compiled and installed it on my x86 machine and it works fine but I am wondering if I could compile to a different arch like x64 for my 64 bit machine or for my phone ARM , MIPS...etc

    If so does anybody know the steps in doing this

    is their some setting for compiling it to a different arch in the make menuconfig

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    Look at the ARCH and CROSS_COMPILE flags when running make on the kernel sources.

    See here for more info.

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    ok, thats great it works!
    Curious though is their away to list all possible strings you can use with the ARCH and CROSS_COMPILE switchs?

    I know arm works but their is also different versions and other archs that I am not sure what the string value could be for them.
    I.E Is their away to list the choices available for these switches ?
    As well as all the possible switches available with make.

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    All possible switches for ARCH are the directory names that are in the <linux/arch/>, like x86, arm, powerpc, mips, alpha, parisc etc.. For CROSS_COMPILER there are no particular switches, You need to build or download a cross compiler tool chain for your target architecture and store them somewhere and give it's path.

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