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    How to compile a driver program in ubuntu?

    I want to compile a gpio driver program. i am working in ubuntu. kernel version is 2.6.38-8 generic. i am using arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc compiler.Also i want to include this driver program in leopard board TMS320Dm355

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    There is a lot of information, FAQ's, and How-To's on the web that show you what you need to have/do to build kernel modules. If you want it to be embedded in the kernel, you will need the full kernel source, otherwise you will need the kernel-headers and kernel-devel packages installed on your system. You might also want to see if the board manufacturer has linux documentation to build kernels for their board. I have an ARM9 board from Technologic Systems and they provide working kernels, drivers, tool chain (compiler, linker, debugger, etc) along with appropriate documentation to speed up your development process.
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    how can we crosscompile a driver program using arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc..what modification should i do in the makefile??Target kernel is 2.6.10mvl401.Host kernel is 2.6.-38-8generic.
    obj-m := gpdrv.o
    PWD := $(shell pwd)
    $(MAKE) -C /lib/modules/$(shell uname -r)/build M=$(PWD) modules
    rm -rf *.o *~ core .depend .*.cmd *.ko *.mod.c .tmp_versions Module.symvers

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