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    understanding basics in linux kernel , help

    i'm student for informational systems engineering , and this semester i have os course , which deals with the kernel and its processes threads .....

    now my problem , is that most of the homeworks needs a lot of knowledge about the kernel which at the lectures we don't get into it too much , some of the required knowledge i need are :
    (by the way we work with linux 2.4.18 , we use this and not the newer one so we can examin how we can improve it ...).

    1)after writing for instance .h .c , .h includes a wrapper function and .c is the system_call for that wrapper , where do i put those files and how can i change the system_call_table to include the new sys_call function .

    2)how can i debug the code iv'e wrote , we use vmware to virtualize the linux .

    3)in the first homework one of the functions we were assigned to write is one that gets two process pids and finds the first common ancestor process for these two .
    and at the end we were also told to write a test to test the correctness of the function , how can i do that (the test) .

    4)if you know any useful resources that include important functions and structs such as task_t ..

    thnx a lot , any help will be appreciated .
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