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    How to get device name

    How do i find the device name of NAND from /dev of DM355leopard board(2.6.10)?


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    Does dmesg give you anything to work with?

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    Hi, I'm not familiar with this particular board, but I read here:
    GSG: DM365 DVEVM Additional Procedures - Texas Instruments Embedded Processors Wiki

    that this device has NAND on MTD. I'm no expert with this stuff, but I think MTD devices have 2 parts, a character device and a block device. I'll bet your interested in the block device and that is typically located in /dev/mtdblockN were 'N' is a partition number.

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    try dmesg. i hope it may help you.

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    Hi Thanks to all for the reply
    i got the dev name(dev-name is:mtdblock0,mtdblock1,mtdblock2,mtdblock3,mtdbloc k4). But how i ll copy 1 text file to nand?? which address location i should copy?? how i ll copy to the particular address?? For sd card the dev name is given as sd and mmc but i tried to open that but not opening.
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