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    read call blocks

    im new on writing device driver in kernelspace.
    So i started with writung a small scull driver.

    The problem is, that a write call blocks sthe system.
    I do not know why.

    Here the function.

    ssize_t FS_write(struct file * filp, const char * buf, size_t count, loff_t * f_pos)
    return -1;

    // Tha array is big enough



    return count;


    I dont know what why the driver hangs
    I call
    "Hallo" > /dev/mydriver

    i then i can see that the init is done well.
    After it, the kernel hangs.

    Tank you for help.
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    Okay, sorry i have it now
    The Read call was is well done.

    It hangs on a secial call of the open of my driver.
    I have implemented some personalities and there had beeen a buck while
    chanching the file operations structure.


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