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    updating an existing kernel

    I have made changes in the existing linux kernel source code and i just want to update this existing kernel instead of installing a new kernel
    I dont want to perfrom all the compiling and installing steps again!!!
    Plz help.

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    You must compile C source code to effect the respective change in the object code. However, the good news is that the only modules which need to be re-compiled are the ones that were modified. Such is the beauty of make.
    Once the code is compiled, it must be installed. There just isn't any way around it. After all, those steps aren't done just to take up time and effort; they actually do serve a valid purpose.
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    1. Change source code.
    2. Compile kernel with the "make" command.
    3. As root, install kernel with "make install".
    4. Reboot into new kernel.

    Make sure you change the kernel ID so that when installing it doesn't blow away the previous kernel, possibly causing you to "brick" the system.

    5. If you have never built/installed a kernel before, read some of the How-To's on the appropriate distribution web sites.
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