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    how linux module works

    Hi everone,

    I am little bit confused about how linux module works so that's why I am posting some of the possiblites please let me know what would happen in each scenario.

    I have a nic card and driver for that is already in the os.

    a.Does installing the new driver for the same nic card replaces the old driver(I mean the one that comes with the os).?

    b.Does the new driver replaces the old driver if and only if both the driver have the same name.?

    c.Is there any way so that I can verify if the old driver has been replaced with the new driver.?

    d.Suppose the new driver is being used and I uninstalled the new driver. Is there any way so that I can get back the old driver that was in the os previously?

    e. If the answer depends upon the particular OS. I am curious to know the answer related to RHEL/SLES.

    Please guys answer this post. Its very urgent if commands are mentioned along with the answer that would be a great help.

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    I'm not positive on this but here is what I'm pretty sure is the case:

    a. Yes
    b. I don't believe so, could depend on if you're installing from source or not. If you're installing without a RPM, you may get two different versions installed. Only reason I say this is because if I install a new version of KMyMoney with a DEB, replaces my current one, if I do from source, I have two versions installed

    c. Check package manager or following command
    rpm -qa | grep PACKAGENAME
    d. Sure, just reinstall it, I'd recommend downloading the version for local install

    e. Probably do but I can't speak about all distros, I use a Debian based distro and again, I believe these answers to be true, I could be wrong
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