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    Including a 3rd party library in a kernel module.

    I have a very basic makefile to compile a kernel module.

    I am specifying the objects as follows:

    obj-m := mymodule.o
    mymodule-objs := obj1.o obj2.o

    Another post I saw on this forum suggested simply tacking on the .a file to the my module-objs line:

    mymodule-objs := obj1.o obj2.o dalibrary.a

    However, when I run make I get an error indicating that there is no rule to make "dalibrary.a".

    I have also attempted to add -L<dir> -ldalibrary.a just after $(EXTRA_CFLAGS) in the following stanza to no avail:

    depend .depend dep:
    $(CC) $(EXTRA_CFLAGS) -M *.c > .depend

    So... how do I include a pre-compiled 3rd party library in my kernel module Makefile?

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    In the rules to create the .ko module, you would include the .a file with a -l rootname option, where rootname refers to librootname.a. Do note that you need to be sure that the static library librootname.a is a kernel library. If it has user-space code in it, you will not be successful in linking it to the kernel module.
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