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    Differnce between module and build in code?

    Hi guys,

    I am building my own driver for Linux 3.0. It already works as a module, when I load it manually or at startup automatically.
    But when I integrate it in the kernel with the * in menuconfig it seems like the driver is not loaded. There is absolute no output in dmesg but I have at least one message at start up of the module at the very beginning.
    So is there any difference between a module and a build in driver? Do I have to make something special?

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    Well, it wouldn't be loaded if it's already in the kernel. You need to look for evidence that the driver is active. Does the kernel recognise the device? You say you get a message from the driver when it starts up - that suggests that it is working. What about device files? Are the ones you expect created?

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating: does the device actually work?

    The main difference in practice between a module and built-in code is that if you need to pass parameters to a built-in driver, you have to do so as part of the kernel's command line; with a module, you can use modules.conf or its equivalent.
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    Hi, I think there is a missunderstanding.
    There is a printk at the very top of the module init function but I cannot see the output of this printk when I build it in the kernel. So it seems like the driver is not loaded.

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    Ha! Found the problem!
    I had to change the init and exit functions of the driver that they look like this:
    static int __init start_module(void)
    static void __exit stop_module(void)
    And add this two lines at the end of the driver:
    Now everything is working!

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