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    Extract kernel headers from kernel sources


    I compiled a kernel from vanialla sources and now I'd like to provide someone else the kernel headers like you can find them in /usr/src/ on a debian system. I know you can do a "make headers_install" but this will only install files in /usr/include. But I also need all the Makefiles that it is possible to compile a kernel module.
    I also know that there is the command "make modules_prepare" which will prepare the kernel sources for building external modules. That works fine but the kernel sources are then still included but I need only the headers as far as I know. This results in a total size of about 500MB. The kernel headers from Ubuntu are only about 70MB. So what am I doing wrong?
    To clarify this: "make modules_prepares" works perfectly and does what I want but the resulting sources are too big.

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    maybe I found a way to do it, is that correct?
    $ make mrproper
    $ make menuconfig # or copy old .config to .
    $ mkdir ../build
    $ cp .config ../build/.config
    $ make modules_prepare O=../build/
    I end up with a 3.5MB ../build/ folder and I am able to compile at least my modules.
    Two questions: Is that the correct way? Why do I have to copy my .config to the build folder? Otherwise he complains about a missing .config file and suggests me to run menuconfig or similar. But the .confg is in . folder!

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