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    ioctl: inappropriate ioctl for device

    Hi I am getting this error: ioctl: inappropriate ioctl for device on the ioctl() call shown below.
    fd = open(mount, O_RDONLY);
    destid = ioctl(fd, TRACEFS_IOCTL_ADD_OUTPUT_DRIVERS, data);
    #define IOCBASE 10
    #define TRACEFS_IOCTL_ADD_OUTPUT_DRIVERS    _IOW(0x15, IOCBASE + 0, int)
    I am not sure how to debug this issue or go about resolving the error.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    From this article
    site: lwn,, Kernel/LDD3/
    Chapter 6.1 (cant post links just yet)

    It seems that the ioctl command is not a proper command:

    The POSIX standard, however, states that if an inappropriate ioctl command has been issued, then -ENOTTY should be returned. This error code is interpreted by the C library as "inappropriate ioctl for device," which is usually exactly what the programmer needs to hear.

    So how is it determined that the ioctl is a proper command? or how can I find out the list of valid commands, which I believe are user defined:

    #define IOCBASE 10
    /* Add output driver stack. Returns integer ID. */
    /* Add assembly driver on top of output driver stack. */

    Another question is what is a proper value for IOCBASE?


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