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    IBM Netvista 8363 as a NAS?

    Hello everyone this is my first post here

    I found a thin client some years ago in the garbage And now I was thinking about use it as a USB NAS?

    The question is how to copy turnkey linux to the CF card and boot it?

    See Links.txt

    Somehow I have to make a quiet kernel file from it? Does anyone has any clue??
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    You may borrow somewere a USB cd/dvd drive and make a cd install like a regular PC.

    Good luck

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    Hi and welcome

    Not worth the effort.
    This little thingy has a 233Mhz CPU.
    The performance will be abysmal at best.
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    Thanks for the quick answers USB CD drive wont work because it will only boot from the CF card or a fileserver. I agree that it is slow but the thing is that I want to have some space to save my programming projects to and access it from 2 computers in different rooms. I'm okay with 13mbit/s from an old laptop with turnkey. Last week I got a ebay thing called Lan Server 652 but it was really slow . As I don't want to shut it down this thin client would be nice.

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    If me. I would go with a micro drive instead of cf and use a IDE to cf adapter . Micro drives are cheaper and are more likely to be recognised as a hard drive by a bios.

    For installing linux to cf. I'd use one of these in conjuction with a old laptop with a bootable cdrom
    drive and install TurnKey Linux | Free software downloads at to that cf card that way. Then use the cf to ide adapter on the IBM dumpster computer to plug in the cf card, have bios recognise it as a hardrive first, then boot it.

    By the way. I have formatted microdrives as ext3 file system and installed Linux to them and used them with adapters on laptops.
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