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    Root File System issue

    I am fairly new to the linux kernel, but I have been working on porting a modified kernel 2.6.29 to another ARM chip ( cortex A-8 ). I got it to boot to a point at which it was asking for a root file system. I then built a basic file system using busybox. I then tried to boot the kernel using the following configurations:


    Boot args: console=ttyS0,115200n8

    Using gdb, I can determine that it is crashing somewhere within inflate_codes after going through these calls:


    I also tried making another rootfs using buildroot, which gave me a larger initramfs. What was interesting was that the larger build called inflate_dynamic about 11 times before it crashed, while the smaller one called it 2 times before it crashed. This makes it seem like it is crashing while unzipping the end of the initramfs.

    I would post my log output, but this crash occurs before the serial initialization, so I have no output.

    Anything pointing me in the right direction would be helpful. inflate_codes is full of loops, so it is incredibly hard to step through to figure out exactly where it is failing.


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    I don't have answer this and also I'm not sure about others too. If you didn't get answer here , drop a mail to MailingList - Linux Kernel Newbies .
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    I tried using a very small junk file, 8KB uncompressed, as the root fs and the kernel was able to unzip it. The actual busybox fs I am trying to use has a size of about 2MB uncompressed and 1.1MB compressed. This makes it seem like some sort of configuration of size issue. The only related configuration I can find is the BLK_DEV_RAM_SIZE and 8192 KB should be enough.

    Is there another configuration, maybe a boot option?

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