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    Quote Originally Posted by mgiammarco View Post
    If I enable it on the bios then I have the orrible error that I started the thread with.
    Yes, it sounded in those old threads that the hardware was enabled, but kernel support was disabled. If you want to use the technology, you'll have to enable it in bios, and then enable it in the kernel (if that is indeed the problem).

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    Ok my problem is that I cannot enable it.
    So now I ask: where is detailed powernow-k8 documentation that show me all boot parameters?
    BTW: I am getting older I am no able to follow distro development.
    Because now, at least in Ubuntu, powernow is compiled in the kernel, where do I put the options to let kernel read them?
    Thanks again,

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    Last question

    Last question I promise!

    Since this is a diffuclt topic (interacts with bios, amd cpu, specific motherboard, linux kernel), where can I ask help?
    I mean, I have tried in asus forum and they are not linux experts.
    So where is the best place to ask about amd cool&quiet not working with linux?

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    Here is what I have found:

    www dot anandtech dot com slash show slash 2640 slash 6

    So it is also a windows problem too!

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    Ubuntu community forums used to have some pretty knowledgeable people. Don't know if they still do, but you could try there as well.

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