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    Lottery Scheduling for Linux 2.4.20

    Hi all
    I would like to replace the scheduler to Lottery Scheduler...
    I have select the kernel ver 2.4.20 (coz its comes with RedHat 9)
    Now im in the bigning stage of this project...
    Please be kind enough to put your valuable comments here..

    thank you

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    i don't really understand what you are asking us to do.

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    Lottery scheduling: a proportional- share resource management algorithm, to provide the performance assurances present in traditional non-real time process schedulers. Lottery scheduling enables flexible control over relative process execution rates with a ticket abstraction and provides load insulation among groups of processes using currencies.

    You didn't know that, lakerdonald ?

    Sounds like a fairly specialized application: try Googling lottery scheduler.
    //got nothin'
    ///this use to look better

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    i understand what lottery scheduling is (basically a way of distributing load among competing processes), i googled it several omths ago cos of another post (hehe), i just couldn't figure out what he was asking.

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    Problems with current scheduler

    there are some serious problems with the current priority based scheduling ...

    > there is no way to insulate users form each other
    > it is possible for a single user to monopolize the CPU simply by starting
    may processess.
    > there are no way to directly control relative execution rates, as said.
    Just like administrator cannot specify that one task should get half as
    much CPU as other....
    > problem with user insulation. etc

    that why im thinking abt to replace the current scheduling algorithm by lottery scheduling algorithm. i hav googled and found that there is a noticable change in performence if we adopt lottery scheduling for this kinda specific applications.

    thanks guys for ur valuable informations..
    keep in touch

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