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    kernel panic - not syncing no init found. try passing init= option to

    Dear all,

    I am engineering student.I am trying to build linux distro for programming enivironment from debian based distro.

    I can succesfull build rootfs,after making ISO I am getting error"kernel panic - not syncing no init found. try passing init= option to kernel..."

    Init content is;
    link bin/busybox content;
    PHP Code:
    #!/bin/bash -eu
    # Build the initramfs, a basic system that is used by the #kernel as init
    # filesystem - also called 'rootfs'

    echo "# Building rootfs"

    cd $(dirname $0)/../

    fun_mknod {
        if [ ! -
    "$1" ]; then
    -i $TEMPFILE -s $TEMPFILE mknod $@

    # create devices
    echo "## Creating devices"
    fun_mknod $ROOTFS_DIR/dev/console c 5 1
    chmod a
    +rw $ROOTFS_DIR/dev/console
    fun_mknod $ROOTFS_DIR
    /dev/null c 1 3
    fun_mknod $ROOTFS_DIR
    /dev/ram b 1 1
    fun_mknod $ROOTFS_DIR
    /dev/systty c 4 0
    fun_mknod $ROOTFS_DIR
    /dev/tty c 5 0
    for i in 1 2 3 4 5 6; do
    fun_mknod $ROOTFS_DIR/dev/tty$i c 4 $i

    chmod a
    +rw $ROOTFS_DIR/dev/tty*

    # generate module dependencies
    KERNEL_NAME="$(strings $BASE_DIR/install_cd/isolinux/bzImage \
        | grep CLinux \
        | cut -d' ' -f1)"
    mkdir -p $ROOTFS_DIR/lib/modules/$KERNEL_NAME
    /sbin/depmod --basedir $ROOTFS_DIR -v $KERNEL_NAME

    # attach bootsplash image
    echo "## Attaching bootsplash image"
    cd $BASE_DIR/var/rootfs/boot/CLinux/
    $BASE_DIR/bin/splash --f bootsplash.cfg \

    # create rootfs filesystem
    if [ -"$BASE_DIR/install_cd/isolinux/rootfs" ]; then
    echo "## Removing old rootfs filesystem"
    rm -f $BASE_DIR/install_cd/isolinux/rootfs
    echo "## Creating rootfs filesystem"
    cd $ROOTFS_DIR
    . -not -wholename \*.svn\* \
    fakeroot -i $TEMPFILE cpio --H newc \
    gzip \

    # clean
    echo "## Cleaning"
    rm $ROOTFS_DIR/bootsplash
    rm $ROOTFS_DIR
    #rm -R $ROOTFS_DIR/lib/modules
    rm $TEMPFILE 
    ISOlinux.cfg content is

    PHP Code:
    default vesamenu.c32
    prompt 0
    menu hshift 13
    menu width 49

    menu title CLinux boot menu

    label install
        menu label Install CLinux
        kernel bzImage
        append raid
    =noautodetect initrd=rootfs rw vga=791 

    menu end 

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    anyone can help ..pls

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    I've never done this so can't help with the first part but, your isolinux file doesn't look right. Where is the bzImage file? If you look at a standard isolinux.cfg it will show the path preceded by a forward slash so if your bzImage is actually in the root of the filesystem your would need: kernel /bzImage. If it is somewhere else, you would need the path to where it is. The same for the initrd entry if it is in the root of the filesystem as your entry shows: initrd=/rootfs.

    Your script seems to indicate the rootfs is in isolinux??

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    Thanks for ur reply.

    yes,both bzimage and rootfs is in isolinux folder..

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    Whilst I have not run your script, one thing come to mind; have you unpacked the initrd and verified that init is in fact present?

    Secondly, the thread is marked as [SOLVED], if so, drop in a line or two about what solved it for future reference, otherwise the heading should be changed

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    HTML Code:
    have you unpacked the initrd and verified that init is in fact present?
    yes,init is there inside rootfs and content of init is "link bin/busybox"......

    The idea is to use the rootfs from buildroot as the initrd (i.e. initrd=rootfs).Inside the initrd (ie rootfs) is /bin/busybox which will be read first
    by the kernel after mounting the initrd.
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    any help???????

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    details of error..
    PHP Code:
    Failed to execute /init.
    kernel panic-not syncingNo init foud.Try passing init=option to kernel.
    pid1,comm:swapper Not tainted-linux #4
    call trace:
    c193fa25>] ? printk+0x18/0x1a
    [<c193f973>] panic+0x43/0xd
    [<c100134d>] init_post+0xad/0x100
    [<c1d82377>] kernel_init+0x160/0x169
    [<c1d82317>] ? kernel_init+0x0/0x169
    [<c1003a27>] kernel_thread_helper+0x7/0x10
    .c:spurious NAK on isa0060/serio0.Some program might be trying access hardware directly
    my content of /init is "link bin/busybox" and content of /sbin/int is ,

    PHP Code:
    mount /proc

    /usr/sbin/chroot . /bin/busybox init < /dev/console > /dev/console 
    pls someone help me..thanks

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