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    The Linux Loader

    I am trying to find the loader program of the Linux kernel that is used to load programs and applications into the memory. It will be great if I can know where that program is stored in Linux.


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    Sounds like you may be refering to /etc/lilo.conf and /sbin/lilo
    Grub is another bootloader for Linux, usually at /boot/grub/grub.conf or (?) /etc/menu.lst for the configuration file.
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    drakebasher i don't think that this is what he really you mean something like the process management app?
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    Hi... Thanks for the replies... yeah .. I am looking for the .exe loader counterpart in Linux. For Linux applications,
    1) what is the executable file called ? Is it a .o ?
    2) what Linux program is used to run that executable (This is where i would assume memory allocation for the application is done, and program is loaded in the memory. This is what i called the linux loader. Sorry it got confused with lilo)


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