I am currently facing an issue with kernel 3.4 that I didn't have with 3.0.
I think it is linked to the TCP/IP stack.
Below TCP/IP stack, I am using a driver which receives some concatenated IP frames. In memory, it's a single block and we can have for exemple 10 ip frames inside this block.
I use skb cloning mechanism to point on each ip frames independently. This clone is then forwarded to the IP stack.
When IP connexion is good, there's no problem with this.
When network starts loosing ip frames, retransmission is required and their it fails. IP stack genrates some reset.

Other point:
When I replace the clone by a memcpy in a new buffer, everything is ok. The matter with memcpy is that it is more CPU/memory consummer.

It looks the retransmission requires more memory space and that something fails in this case.

Does any one has an idea where it could com from?