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    I2c_del_adapter hangs on wait for completion


    I'm fairly new to linux kernel development so I apologize for any stupid questions I may ask. I have written an i2c adapter driver, an i2c mux adapter driver and a board specific driver to add the adapters and a few standard devices such as an AT24 eeprom and PCA9548 mux. When I attempt to delete my i2c mux adapter (without deleting the devices behind it), i2c_del_adapter hangs on wait_for_completion. If I do not have any devices behind the mux then everything works just fine. Any ideas as to what the issue may be and is there any way for me to decipher what the wait_for_completion is actually waiting on?



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    I'm no kernel guru, but I'm thinking there is not enough information in this post to work with. Until that changes, I dunno.

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    My apologies for the lack of information, there really isn't much to give. I was looking for ways to debug the wait list inside of an i2c adapter device as this is what my adapter deletion was hanging on. I've debugged further to see that the standard adapter release function is not being called in the scenario that hangs but is being called in the scenario that succeeds. So I will dig deeper into that to see if I can find out the root cause. Thanks for looking though.

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