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    request_firmware times out

    In a new embedded system we're developing, one of the boards in the system has a DSP which has DDR2, but no flash or EEPROM memory. The DSP gets booted from the host processor via its HPI port (it's a TI DSP). The kernel driver module for this board calls request_firmware() to get the DSP image from the user space file system.
    The whole system boots and runs out of a compact flash connected to the host processor. The problem is that request_firmware() works perfectly on the very first bootup from a freshly created compact flash file system, but then times out on all subsequent system boots.
    We're running Open Embedded, with kernel version 3.4.46-ltsi. It's as though the kernel is looking in some other place for the binary. The image is stored in /lib/firmware.
    Is there a way to know where the kernel is looking for device firmware? cat $FIRMWARE comes back empty.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I don't know much about CF, but I've dealt with SD and USB memory and found they sometimes need a delay to get going. Seems they all seem to have an internal processor that actually deals with the data storage. USB sticks can continuously time out and NAK forever. Maybe you need to give the CF a moment to get it together so to speak.

    Just a suggestion, couldn't hurt to give it a whirl...


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