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    KMS black screen with kernel 3.10 and higher

    I am running gentoo, but i run the vanilla kernel. Currently i am on kernel version 3.9.10 stable and all works great on my Asus Zenbook Prime with HD4000 intel graphics. The problem begins when i i try to upgrade to 3.10 (or higher, been trying with the 3.11 recently).

    If i compile the kernel and boot i get a black screen. The machine boots and i can ssh into it. I have trolled the internet and found many suggestions, most being acpi options. I set acpi=off and even compiled it out of the kernel and that does not help.

    Finally i set the nomodeset and then it boots without giving me the black screen, however it does not give me my nice 1920x1080 framebuffer i get with the 3.9.10 kernel, it gives me like a 1024x768 or something. I use the same .config between the kernels (and run make oldconfig). So i assume it is a KMS issue?

    I use the terminal a lot and would like to fix this. Any ideas?

    Here are the parameters i pass to the kernel (i need the acpi_osi for backlighting):

    root=/dev/sda3 acpi_osi="!Windows 2012"



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    Well, since you can ssh into it, the system is running and is healthy. Can you boot into console mode (runlevel 3 usually) and get a text login prompt? If so, what errors do you see if you run (as root) the startx command?
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