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    Dear Friends,
    Please try to avoid compile and load the module programs through by X window.
    Reason is:Modules can't print to the screen like printf() can, but they can log information and warnings, which ends up being printed on your screen, but only on a console. If you insmod a module from an xterm, the information and warnings will be logged, but only to your log files. You won't see it unless you look through your log files. To have immediate access to this information, do all your work from console.
    Only the above reason, the peoples did not get any output on the screen. And why we want to go to show the output to the location, /cat, each and every time?. Not necessary, if we follows the proper way.

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    about printk

    loading the module by insmod command will not print anything on the console.

    Use the command : dmesg

    It will show many messages, the last one will contain your " hello world" message

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    about printk

    after compiling & loading the module by insmod command , if it's succesful ( no errors are given) use the command: dmesg

    U'll see the "hello world" message of ur program.

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