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    Question Use 2.6.x .config file for 3.8.x kernel compilation

    Hey everyone, quick question here. Can I use a config file from a version 2.6.x kernel that is on a RHEL system and run make oldconfig and end up using the translated config file to compile a version 3.8.x kernel that will run on Ubuntu? (I would also run make menuconfig and go through those motions too.) Is there any reason that a .confile file from 2.6 would be too far away from a 3.8 kernel to translate properly?


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    In theory, it should work and ignore whatever has been added since 2.6 but in reality, I don't know of a soul, except for perhaps Linus himself, who could answer your question with any degree of certainty. I'd go for it, and see what happens. It might just work out. Good luck!
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    LOL. OK. I knew it was kind of a longshot. I will run make oldconfig so that should update the old config file with all the new stuff, right? I'll post my results here after I try this. Thanks!


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    I just wanted to share with everyone that this worked! I took the 2.6.x config file and ran make oldconfig and chose the defaults for all new features, and then used the new file to compile a version 3.8.1 kernel. The new kernel was used to boot a server that had a very specific and uncommon RAID card. Only one version of Linux worked with that hardware and that was using a distribution that used the 2.6 kernel but I wanted to run a different distribution on it with a 3.8 kernel. Since the 2.6 distribution worked I knew that that config file had the correct options set; thus the reason for using that config file as a template for the 3.8 one. Thanks for your feedback about this!

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