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    Question Dynamic IPV6 hoplimit set

    Hi geeks,
    I was try to write a socket function which will alter the hoplimit of a IPV6 packet dynamically via setsockopt().
    Below are my analysis related to setting hoplimit for ipv4 and ipv6
    1. During the creation of socket we can specify the hoplimit by using setsockopt.
    udp_create_ipv6_socket (dum, &sock,DEFAULT_PORT_UDP_SRC, PACKET_WRITE);
    pal_sock_set_ipv6_unicast_hops (sock,dist_ttl);
    2. This is the TTL value being set during the creation of socket and im trying to change the value dynamically based on user input
    pal_sock_set_ipv6_unicast_hops (sock,dyna_ttl);
    3. But it is not working as expected. I was able to set the hoplimit of IPV6 packet just once only if I try to modify the same it fails. Please help me code in way that dynamic TTL can be set for the socket.

    P.S code for pal_sock_set_ipv6_unicast_hops
    pal_sock_set_ipv6_unicast_hops (pal_sock_handle_t sock, s_int32_t hops)
      return setsockopt (sock, PAL_IPPROTO_IPV6, IPV6_UNICAST_HOPS, &hops,
                         sizeof (hops));

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