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    Is there any way to patch the kernel. ???


    consider , i have made a change in the kernel and compiled...
    so there is soem changes in the new kernel to the old one.

    Is there any method to produce a patch that simply change the corresponding bytes changed so that we can convert the old kernel to new, with our recompiling the code ???

    thanx in advance

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    Not that I know of, unless you wrote a whole module. Which would still have to be compiled.
    The thing is if you change the source, it needs to be re-compiled so you have a binary executable.
    Not sure if this is exactly what you were asking about.
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    I got the answer

    Ya you are right, i hav to compile the source again and i should provide a patch that allow others to compile according to their choice...thanx for ur reply..

    i got the answer in detail... anyway im appending that here..

    Create a compressed patch file for your modified kernel source tree with the diff and bzip utilities
    cd /usr/src
    diff --unified --recursive --new-file linux-2.4.22-6mdk linux > yourpatch-2.4.22-6mdk
    gzip yourpatch-2.4.22-6mdk

    Apply a Patch
    cd /usr/src
    zcat yourpatch-2.4.22-6mdk.gz | patch -p0 -E

    For more information visit :

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