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    How to backup fedora installation on VMware?

    Hello All,

    I have fedora 20 Desktop Edition installed on VMware. I have compiled linux kernel (source code v3.14) using fedora successfully.

    Now I am want to make changes in kernel source code and then compile kernel again to see my changes. So my question is that how could I backup my previously and successfully compiled copy of kernel source code or fedora so that I can resume my work in case of any problem that can occur after making and compiling the changes in kernel source code?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Take a snapshot of the virtual disks.

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    You want to backup your VM or just track your changes to source code. Most VM have a tool to clone the VM or can backup the VM file. If wanting to track your changes to the source code, isn't GIT used for the kernel development, you could create you own local repository and save changes and then have ability to see your changes, revert back to a file or even entire source tree. GIT is a great tool I use it to track my system files and changes I make as well as source.

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    Backup of VMware, Fedora and compiled Kernel source code

    Yes I think I want to backup the following things.

    1. My VMware
    2. Fedora which is installed on VMware
    3. And compiled kernel source code (It just a plane kernel source code without any change i.e. not modified yet)

    I haven't changed nothing in kernel source code yet. But I am planning to change it to implement my I/O scheduler. As you know, I am totally newbie, so I want to backup everything before changing in kernel source code to avoid rework (i.e. installation of VMware, installation of fedora on VMware and kernel source code compilation). I want to backup all these things so that I can get the above things back if anything get corrupted after any change and recompilation of kernel source code.

    Sorry for asking such dump questions because I have no previous experiences with these things.


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