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    How to compile only one file of kernel source code instead of compilin

    I am going to write an I/O Scheduler for Linux kernel. I have already compiled the whole kernel before without any modification to the kernel source code. I have reached at noop-iosched.c file under /linux/block folder. Now firstly I am trying to modify noop-iosched.c file to test and play with it to just get familiarize with linux kernel source code. I have just added a following printk(KERN_INFO "Hello World....!!!!"); instruction in this file. Now I only want to compile noop-ioshed.c file instead of compiling the whole kernel source code (which takes around 2 hours to compile) so that I can see whether it's working or not at my side. So could you please guide me how to only compile noop-iosched.c file instead of whole kernel to see my change.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks a lot, Ricky Ben

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    The associated Makefile(s) should know what components have changed, and only require building/re-linking those, provided you have not cleaned the build tree (make clean). Alternatively, you can cd into the appropriate source directory and only make that one, assuming it is a loadable, and not built-in, module.
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    make checks timestamps and only compiles changed files. So you can run the touch tool to change the timestamp on the file you want to compile and then run make.
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