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    System Instability but network still pingable.


    I have systems that are currently showing a strange lockup issue. The problems are with Redhat Enterprise Linux 3.0 u3 with all the latest patches applied to the kernel (as redhat kernels in use) the systems are dual processor systems on Tyan motherboards. All of the systems have 2 gb or more of RAM.

    The systems are running postgresql and zope. The systems are "crashing" there is no information on the console to say what the error is and the systems are still pingable.

    has anyone else seen these types of problems I have searched around and found lots of people with these issues but no real answers. I have personally got other systems running identical setups with 2.6 kernels (custom) on slackware and dont have issues).

    any further help would be great.

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    Two years ago I had the same problem system(user space) crashed and the kernel and the network stack working fine and routing traffic. I coud not figure out how it happend. When i reduced the message logging level from the custome kernel module the system stop freezing. I did not have disk space problem because I had plenity. At that moment I thoutght it was the frecuency at wihich messge was being logged from the kernel. But still i do not have explanation for what happened.


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