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    Idea to do "fake" wifi between local VMBox


    I am the developper of Live Raizo, an Linux environment to experiment the system on simulated and real networks.

    LiveRaizo uses mainly VirtualBox with GNS3 as puppeteer

    I want to add Wifi connections between VirtualBox VMs and I want that we can use in each VM the true system of wifi configuration of the OS (Linux, Microsoft, ...).

    I know that VirtualBox does not emulate Wifi.

    My soluce begins with 2 ideas :
    • The VMbox can capture USB device. We can use in the guest a true Wifi USB dongle connected to the host.
    • The linux kernel gives mac80211_hwsim. It is a Linux kernel module that can be used to simulate arbitrary number of IEEE 802.11 radios for mac80211
      We can found an export called "mac80211_hwsim" on the github of wolfhechel. But i don't know if it is the last release.

    My questions are :
    • Is it easy to modify "mac80211_hwsim" to create USB devices ? (Then each VMBox will can capture one of this device and use it)
    • If the USB device is captured by the VM, will this devices can always "communicate" together ?

    But, if you have better idea, i want it

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    Nobody has an answer, advice or idea ?

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    Ok. no reponse.

    Then, to begin, do you know where i can find a template of code to create USB devices ? mainly wireless network devices, even if they do nothing. Perhaps i will could modify it to do the same as mac80211_hwsim.
    I have already seek several times but with no success.


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