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    er... missed the part about the backup kerner on your home part

    at this point i would just build a kernel by hand manualy not withe the dpkg
    and inastll it to the same place as the kernel that boots is installed ... just to rule out either one thing or the other!( that it is a grub thing or a borked kernel thing! or visaversa)
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    Ok. Well I built one by hand. And no change. I still get the same error.

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    2.6.10-ac11 works for me on Sarge

    2.6.10-ac11 works on sarge.. I originally had problems (?) with 2.6.10, and decided to try -ac11 (Alan Cox's extras) since I had to rebuild it again regardless. Boots and runs nicely here.

    Pity there's no "attach a file" option on this BBS, or I'd provide the .config file that I used. Basically, I just forced it to compile all of the IDE stuff into the kernel, rather than as modules. Ditto for the ext2/ext3 filesystem code.


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    Hmm thanks! I just downloaded it and will configure it soon. I'll let you know how it goes.

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    Hi ! I had exactly the same problem and use grub with the kernel 2.6.10 on a Debian Woody (3.0r4) and don't use the initrd file.

    I'm using only ext2 for my FS.

    I had compiled many times this kernel and always the same error.
    But, .... I have been found the solution.

    You must check :
    Devices Drivers\Block Devices : "Support for Large Block Devices"
    Devices Drivers\ATA/ATAPI...\ :
    - Enhanced ...
    - Include IDE/ATA-2...
    - Include IDE/ATAPI...
    - generic/default IDE chipset...
    File systems : all your filesystems "ext2, ext3"

    Good luck

    If you have some problems you can meet me on MSN

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