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    NTFS not supporting by kernel 2.4.20-8

    HI All

    i m havin dual boot harddisk --
    1. linux

    now i want to mount windows drive in linux. when i do it gives error like - "fs type NTFS is not supported by kernel."
    so i m not able to mount..
    so plz tel me wat to do ??

    i m havin kernel 2.4.20-8

    so tell me wat to do and how to do?


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    You have to download/install the kernel sources for your distro and compile the NTFS module. In 2.4, this is a read-only module. In the latest 2.6 kernels, there is write support that's considered somewhat stable, but it still may wax your NTFS partition.
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    how to upgrade Kernel

    hi there

    thnx foir ur reply. can u help m how to upgarde the kernel if i will go to freom 2.4 to 2.6 and plz give me the site name from where i hav to download Kernel 2.6-

    thanks and regards,

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    I have 2.4 kernel and I have mounted succefully W2K NTFS partition (en readonly mode) as have said sarumont. that means you can acesss your window partition and copy files from it to your etx3 partition. If 2.6 is not stable I do not think is worth to go for it. Always depend in your needs though.


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    1. The write support in 2.6 kernels is very stable, and also very useless, since you can't make/delete/move files, only change what's in a file without changing it's size. In other words, useless. However, the read support in 2.6 is MUCH safer than the read support in 2.4.

    2. Kernel 2.6 is quite stable, I STRONGLY recomend upgrading. The first release of 2.6 was over 9 monthes ago, and I've had far fewer problems from it than from 2.4.
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    Re: how to upgrade Kernel

    Quote Originally Posted by PUNEETloiya
    hi there

    plz give me the site name from where i hav to download Kernel 2.6-

    thanks and regards,
    the answer is

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    Hi Puneet

    Donwload the kernel source from :

    And recompile the Kernel. Make sure u enable NTFS Support in make menuconfig.

    It will be under the heading File Systems.

    Good luck buddy.

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