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    Problems with modules from 2.4 to 2.6 kernel

    I'm using White Box Enterprise Linux (which is compiled using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 source). It comes with the 2.4 kernel. I decided to upgrade to the 2.6 kernel. I edited the kernel script, compiled it, etc. but when it booted a good portion of the modules didn't load. Here's everything I did:

    make xconfig (edited it and saved it)
    make bzImage && make modules && make modules_install
    cp <linux source>/arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/bzImage-2.6.9-selinux1
    cp <linux source>/ /boot/
    rm /boot/
    ln -s /boot/ /boot/
    //Edited the grub.conf file

    I compiled ext3 support into the kernel and everything else I needed to boot so I didn't need an initrd, I even compiled fat32 support into the kernel and that didn't work once I booted up the system. I heard that I needed to install something called modules-init-tools before I did the kernel upgrade however I didn't, do I need this? Also why wouldn't fat32 work when I built it into the kernel? I also heard you needed to load modules you want to boot with in the system in /etc/modules.autoload.d/<kernel version> However I don't have an /etc/modules.autoload.d folder even in my default system. Since this is technically a Red Hat system does Red Hat store this info somewhere else because I would assume I'd have a 2.4 file from the old kernel if not. I just have an /etc/modules.conf and /etc/modules.conf~ file.

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    With 2.6 kernels you should be using the new module tools which can be obtained from here

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    Thank you I'm checking them now

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    module queries to install

    I am also facing the same problem of compiling 2.6.9 in RedHat 8.0 (2.4.1. I have to patch all the patch file or how many files i have to patch. Please suggest me

    thanking you in advance


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    If you are using a Distro that originally uses 2.4.X kernels, to upgrade it to a 2.6.X kernel, you should also upgrade:

    1) Gcc and it's components (because to compile the new kernel, you need a new gcc, and some of it's new features);

    2) Upgrade modules tools as well (modprobe, insmode and family)...

    I guess that's it. I'm not sure if you have to upgrade anything else.

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    Included with the kernel source of 2.6 is a document called Changes and is located in the Documentation directory. It contains a list of minimum requirements to run a 2.6 kernel.
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