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    Can I run a kernel off a .bz2 file that's on a floppy?

    Hello I just downloaded the latest kernel and just for the sheer fun of it I'm downloading Slack 9.1 and I want to run the latest kernel off of it. There is an option in one of the screens to where you can load one off of a floppy disk, the file I downloaded for the kernel was a .bz2 is this OK to put on the floppy - will this run the kernel? Furthermore, would my idea actually work? Or would would it just overload the system because of the newest kernel and just crash on me? Thanks for the help.
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    Yes, you can build a kernel and run it off a floppy if you want to. However, I'm guessing that the bz2 you download is the kernel source, and besides being source and not a binary kernel, it's like 30MB in size.

    The Pocket Linux Guide will help you making a floppy-based kernel.
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