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    Initrd causes kernel panic.

    First off, the exact error I am getting:
    RAMDISK: ext2 filesystem found at block 0
    RAMDISK: Loading 32768KiB[1 disk] into ramdisk ... done
    kernel panic - not syncing : VFS : Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block

    Now the interesting part is that I can boot properly without the initrd(From grub command line I just remove the entire initrd). The reason I want the initrd is to perform some tests on the rootfs before attempting to mount it. I have tried other distros initrd's and get the same thing. My kernel does(obviously) have ramdisk support compiled in. Am I missing something blatantly obvious here? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    kernel: 2.6.10-ac12
    grub: v0.96 with no splash patches

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    Wish I new the answer to this, I'm seeing a similar issue.
    Like you, I'm trying to debug the logic in this.
    Where's the mistake, is it a bug, is it a missed flag?
    The default kernel(2.4.22-xfs) loads from grub normally(with initrd), the new kernel panics(with or without initrd).
    The grub pointers are not the problem, so it norrows it down to
    a bug, device conflict, unsuppported hardware/missed flag.
    Please share your solutions if you find any.

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    Okay. Turns out that this was a pretty ridiculous problem. I had reiserfs and ext3 compiled into the kernel, but no ext2. Since the ramdisk fs is ext2, no driver is available to mount the intrd. I guess I have to pay a little closer attention to which fs is included in the kernel.

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