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    Modules loaded at bootup?

    CAn anyone tell me
    1.How to list which modules are loaded at bootup
    2.How to add and/ensure that a specific module is loaded at bootup?

    Why? Whenever I start my comp since having to do a re-install dsmeg shows that ppp0 failed to load resulting in my modem hanging up when connecting and possibly even causing knotify in KDE to crash my GUI at bootup.

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    to show modules that are loaded try the command:
    as root.

    if you know the module name (i will use nvidia as an example module name) type:
    lsmod | grep nvidia
    if it doesn't return anything, the module isn't loaded, so try modprobe nvidia.

    But obviously change nvidia to the name of the module u want.
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    The #lsmod shows no ppp0 moduel loaded of course
    and #modprobe returned an error of missing ppp modules xxxx.ppp.xx.ko.gz missing

    Any ideas? Should I re-install or update the MDK10.0 (hence the kernel)?
    Having to recompile the kernel 'by hand' is out of the question - I don't have the time to figure that out.

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    Solved module at loadup by
    letting the distros config tools do the donkey work
    I used the MDK10.0 CD to boot up and did an 'upgrade'. All installed packages were checked and with the config menu at the end of the install ,
    I used that to configure the modem etc...booted up and ppp0 was loaded at startup....

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