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    Monolithic Kernel and 2.6.12


    I swept through the forums a couple times looking for a solution to this. I've heard/read it is impossible. But, I can't find any solid, concrete information about this.

    I'm trying to build a monolithic kernel on Fedora Core 4 with the 2.6.12 release. Everytime I turn CONFIG_MODULES off I get a "unable to load initial console" error. I can run the same kerned with modules on, and get past this hump.

    Any suggestions or directions to further reading?


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    The Linux kernel is already considered to be a Monolithic kernel, but it is not one in the purest sense of the word - In OS's you either use a Monolithic or a Micro kernel (like XP, 2000) as i am sure you know.

    The Monolithic kernel provides all the services the user app's need. Where the Micro kernel uses a small core-set of services and other modules to interface with executive services and I/O, and process management.

    "unable to load initial console". This error happens sometimes when the Ramdisk size is set too small. Did you notice any "Ramdisk incomplete write" errors?

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