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    Creating a second Kernel to use for testing ?

    Hi All,
    I am very much a newbie and as such predictably I am still nervous when working in the shell in case I do something disasterous. Whilst I can always re-install I dont want to lose my last few weeks efforts and worse still I dont want somehow to make my XP inaccessible - am dual booting Xandros 3.0 and XP.
    What I would like to do is to retain my existing 'good' Kernel [2.6.9], but create another [accessible from the LILO menu] that I can use to test, experiment, and learn, whilst maintaining the integrity of my 'good' version.
    Of course my new Kernel would start out as being identical to my 'good' version.
    When things are proven in my 'test' version I can then translate any changes to my 'good' version with confidence.
    Whilst this subject is covered in a few of the books I have, I am afraid some of the text is, at the moment anyway, beyond my Linux skill level.
    Can anyone help please ? Thanks.

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    I also built a few kernels like you for testing purposes. This site here is the reference I used to get two or more kernels running side by side e.g. i have 2.6.8 and 2.6.11-17,remember to follow the instructions carefully as it is easy to screw up.
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