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    Hang while building kernel 2.6.7

    Hi guys,

    Need your help. I was compiling the 2.6.7 kernel for my Compulab Armcore board. After getting the kernel source from, i patched with the patch i obtained from the compulab website. The building process was almost over until i encounter the following problem:

    CC       init/version.o
    LD        init/built-in.o
    LD        .tmp_vmlinux1
    It just stops there for hours. May i know what happen? Please help.


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    Seems like a linker problem, but Im not an expert.
    Maybe you try compiling without the patch or try a newer kernel or try another gcc version.
    Did the patch apply without any error messages ?
    Good luck

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    Linker problem? can i fix that?
    I tried compiling without the patch and it works fine. The problem is i need to configure my board based on the manufacturer specs. Thats the reason why i need to patch. I patched without any error.

    Probably i try with another gcc version....but do u think it's caused by that?

    Since i can compile well without the patch, it should compile for with a patch too.

    I dunno...need help desperately.

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    Maybe you should take a close look regarding your kernel configuration.
    Does the patch apply (or replace) any functions the kernel already provides, e.g. like bootlogo/bootsplash in x86 kernels ? you cannot select both options or compilation fails.

    Is there a readme supplied with the patch explaining what it does ?

    Which part of the kernel relates to: drivers/built-in.o ?
    Try to compile without that driver or whatever it is, or try as a module or compile as built-in.

    Good Luck !

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