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    Device Driver for Video Capture Card.....

    Hi all,
    Could anyone give me any sample code of a driver of "Video Capture Card " connected to the PCI slot of PC ? It would be nice too if anyone can provide any web link .

    Thank you all........

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    Wouldn't the best thing be to just check out the drivers that are already in the kernel? They all are in the drivers/media/video directory in the kernel source tree. Try checking out the saa7114 driver... it's relatively small, only just over 1200 lines.

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    Thank u Dolda200 . But I could'nt find the module "saa7114.c" in the kernel source tree. My kernel version is "2.4.20-8" and I'm using RedHat linux- 9.
    I found many "Video decoder/encoder" driver in the kernel source tree.
    Among them a file named "bttv.c" is there which suits my requirement.
    (bttv.c is found in kernel version 2.2.17)
    But this code very much complex too and difficult to follow. What I need is a simple device driver code for video frame grabber of bt8x8 series.

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