Hi everybody,
I am using RedHat 9 ( kernel 2.4.20-8 ). In this kernel there is a driver called "bttv" for the purpose of video capturing. As there is some color problem I changed the source code of the driver and compiled separately. Now my newly compiled driver (say new.o) is working fine. But this driver module is dependent on other driver modules to work properly. So when I use this module I follow the step below :
insmod i2c-core
insmod soundcore
insmod i2c-algo-bit
insmod videodev
insmod <PATH>/new.o

Now I want that all the above modules to be automatically loaded when I type "modprobe new".
For that I have to keep the module in the proper directory and I did that. Next I have to change "modules.conf". But I dont know what to change. I've tried a some options but these did not work out. Please advice.

Thanking you all......