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    Kernel function list

    Hi all,
    I want a list of all the kernel functions (kernel version : 2.4.20) inlcuding their description in detail. Where can I get thnis ?

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    try googling, i cant find one specificially for 2.4.20, but heres a list of kernel functions:
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    Thank you Alexk. But could you tell whether any function similar to 'lstat' is available for kernel programmer ? I've checked the list but could'nt find out.
    I need this function because I've to check the presence of "/sbin/init" at booting time. I'm trying to implement a small filesystem on a Flash disk and trying to boot my machine with this. But everytime it gives an error message like "No init found".

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    Is disk mounted?

    Is this some kind of liveusb version of linux you're working on? lstat is a system call,
    meaning it is implemented by the linux kernel. If this is a module you are working on
    then lstat might not be available since your module will be running in kernel space
    (I know nothing about programming modules). In any case, in order fuor /sbin/init to
    be present on the virtual filesystem, the filesystem has to be mounted. If you need
    to check for /sbin/init before it's mounted, you might be able to get the bootloader
    to do that for you or something. If you cannot get by with your program starting
    later in the boot process (i.e. after the filesystem is mounted) and the bootloader
    can't help you, than you'll have to search for /sbin/init using direct reads from the
    device, which if you are writing a filesystem you should have an idea how to do that.

    Good luck!

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