I've found a problem where Konqueror hangs when trying to look at a CIFS mounted share. According to this bug report it is blamed on a bug in the cifs implementation. It is apparently fixed in kernel 2.6.10 and there's a patch provided for 2.6.9.

I'm using SuSE 9.2 which uses 2.6.8. There's some talk on the bug thread that it's probably ok on 2.6.8 as well but I wanted to ask first, if anyone here has any knowlege of cifsfs.c in these various kernels and how likely is a patch to a) work, b) screw something up.

Also, I'm a fair noob in kernel tinkering and am looking for some advice on how to apply such a patch. I think I know how to use patch to update the .c file. Then I assume I must recompile, but here's where I could use a tip.

How do I recompile? Do I just recompile that package? The whole kernel (how to do that)?

Then, making sure that the new package(s) are in the right places?

Also, backing up the existing kernel in case it blows up?

Any words of advice/encouragements would be appreciated.